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Packet Meal Delivery

* $2.50 and above
* Special Set menu 2 times weekly
* Menu subject to change
* At selected areas only

 Pick a date (pick a date) Delivery Date: Sat 17/04/2021
Packet Lunch / Dinner of the Day
Minimum Qty: 30
Dishes Price Qty
1. Seafood Fried Rice $3.00
2. Pineapple Fried Rice $3.00
3. Seafood Hor Fun $3.00
4. Yong Chow Fried Rice $3.00
5. Mee Goreng $3.00
6. Ee Fu Mee $3.00
7. Hong Kong Noodle $3.00
8. Sinchew Beehoon $3.00
9. Bee Hoon Goreng $3.00
10. Chicken Rice $3.00
Optional Item Name Price Qty
Canned Drinks F&N $1.00/can
Desert na $0.00/bowl
Fruit of the day na $0.00/piece
Soup of the Day na $0.00/piece
Please take note:

  • Food items subjected to changes.
  • To help us to serve you better ,please fill in the food preferred/not preferred boxes below.
  • Cheque payment should be made payable to First Cuisine Catering Pte Ltd.
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    Delivery Address :
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    Food Preferred :
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