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Institutional Catering

As part of our Food Solutions business, First Cuisine works closely with our institutional customers to develop delicious, nourishing meals and customised end-to-end services that help to promote better health and eating habits.   Equipped with modern technology, our passionate team of dietitians, food technologists and Culinary Consultants work together to develop new and authentic recipes, curating fresh, tasty and nutritious menus that meet the unique requirements of our customers.

From large-scale catering to tailored in-patient menus and youth engagement efforts, we are proud to use our expertise, technology and culinary creativity to support the work of healthcare providers, educational institutions and government agencies. First Cuisine plays a vital role in supporting the patient care journey by providing customized end-to-end food service solutions, delivering tasty and nutritious meals to hospitals as well as intermediate and long-term care facilities. Tapping on decades of experience and the use of innovative food technology, our team of trained dietitians, chefs and catering professionals work with healthcare institutions to develop tailor-made in-patient menus, therapeutic and textured meals and pantry supplies in compliance with stringent hospital guidelines and food safety regulations.

Retort Manufacturing

First Cuisine has spent many years doing R&D on retorting food processes.

We are proud to announce that we will be able to provide ready to eat meals that can be stored in ambient environment for shelf life of at least 1 year.

Equipped with 2 retort machines, we will be able to provide and supply BCPs for any lack of supply of fresh food due to any unfortunate incidents.

With our automated multi-hopper packaging machine, which includes both solid and liquid fillers, we ensure that our pouches are tightly sealed. Currently we have produced over 40 products with more to come.

OEM Manufacturing

We provide OEM manufacturing services for food production. With a central kitchen spanning over 10000 sq ft, we are confident of fulfilling various processes that customers require, providing food manufacturing services and reducing capital investments for starting a food factory.

Wide Food Choice

Our dedication to innovate allows us to provide a wide variety of choices to suit different needs

Fail Safe Service

Armed with multiple kitchens, we are able to continuously provide meals without any disruption.  Further implementation of new processes to enhance fail safe system.

Good track record

We have catered to numerous organisations ranging form large MNCs, SMEs and smaller bodies for many years.


Tasty Food

We have a wide range of signature menus and many mouth-watering Chef’s recommendations catering for various types of events for our customer to choose from. We also provide specially cooked food that suit your taste buds.

Excellent Services

Our friendly and polite sales staff, attendants and cooks will always be pleased to assist you in your catering needs to make your occasion an enjoyable and delectable one.

Quality Control & Food Safety Management

Certified under ISO22000 in food safety management, we go through lab test regularly, along with consistent in-house food hygiene audit officers who does meal tasting session ensuring our production line goes through stringent monitoring.

Good Track Record

Continual renewal of contracted services with major healthcare groups and long term partnerships with existing customers show that we are capable of exceeding the customers’ need.  We strive to adapt to the everchanging environment as we look to continue to innovate.

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